Statute of the Hellenic Psychogeriatric Association

The Hellenic Psychogeriatric Association aims at the promotion of Psychogeriatrics.

Our Mission:


Increase recognition

of Psychogeriatrics as a subspecialty in Psychiatry.



clinician’s and researcher’s career in Old Age Psychiatry.


Promoting knowledge sharing

and communication between professionals specialized in old age psychiatry and other professionals specialized in related disciplines.


Promoting training and research

in Psychogeriatrics and especially in other scientific disciplines such as biological and other related disciplines.


Promoting physical and mental health

both individually and collectively.


Encouraging the development

and application of novel effective biological and psychosocial processes in the prevention and treatment of mental disorders in old age population.


Raising awareness

of old age population’s mental health in clinicians and other professionals as well as informing both professionals and the public over recent data regarding Old Age Psychiatry.

Our Vision:

Health professionals, of particular interest and involvement with Psychogeriatrics, established the Hellenic Psychogeriatric Association. The Hellenic Psychogeriatric Association appeals to all health professionals who are committed to the promotion of mental health for the elderly. With their participation and support we envision becoming an exemplar scientific community that underlines the importance of Psychogeriatrics in the contemporary Greek reality. Through collective work we aim on improving all services and the quality of life for the elderly that experience mental disorders, to expand our knowledge and experiences and to commune the importance of Psychogeriatrics with both other professionals/scientists and the public.